Nike & Enterprise 2.0

Hello fellow bloggers and welcome to this week’s instalment of Enterprise 2.0 topics. This week we look at Nike and how their usage of social technologies has provided itself with benefits in its marketing/ sales, product development, and services.

What is Nike?

For those people who do not know about Nike, it is a multinational corporation that primarily manufactures/ retails various clothing apparels, sporting equipment, and services. It has set itself up as one of the major sporting apparel brands in both the professional and amateur sporting world.

How Does Nike Use Social Technology Tools?

According to Erica Swallow from, there have been numerous attempts in which Nike has been actively participating in social media applications. Starting formally with business partnerships with Gawker, a social media company that helped to launch Nike’s Art of Speed campaign that primarily consists of short videos of upcoming artists and filmmakers. Moving forwards in time, Swallow’s also identified Nike newer social campaign Nike+, which has helped the company to gather user based data, social collaborations of people to provide better customer services on its smartphone applications, and further marketing strategies. Additionally according to David Moth, Nike has also associated itself with social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for its advertising campaign, all of which have an individual page for various sporting interests all endorsed by professional athletes.

How Does These Social Technologies Affect Nike’s Growth?

With the usage of social media platforms, the professional athletes of respective sports have been able to help promote campaigns such as Nike’s #Makeitcount, helping to promote sales growth during 2012. It has been recorded from Nike’s 2012 Fiscal Reports, that it had generated roughly $6.5 Billion of revenue, from the fourth quarter of 2012, as part of that particular campaign alone, additionally also helping to shape general public views on fitness.

How Has This Social Technology Impacted Me?

Personally I have my own Nike+ ID account and use it quite often. This is particularly for my Nike Fuelband device that tracks my regular weekly exercise and daily movements, all of which try help to actively change my lifestyle. The data is uploaded to Nike databases to help track my fitness against other friends or users of Nike+ systems, all of which help to provide better detection algorithms for the devices to accurately track movements and exercise.

 Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.05.39 pm Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.25.39 pm


Nike. (March 20, 2014). Nike, Inc. Reports Fiscal 2014 Third Quarter Results. Retrieved 17th August 2014, from:


5 thoughts on “Nike & Enterprise 2.0

  1. Great post. I’m a huge Nike supporter particularly their Basketball division so I can relate to what you’re saying. I’ve come across Nike+ on numerous occasions as there was a push a few years back to introduce it into basketball shoes. I’ve never heard of the Nike Fuelband until today. It seems very interesting.

    1. Hi Justin, thats great to know! I really like Nike products as well! Additionally, it is great to see what kind of products and services are created from these social tool usages. Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Hey, great read. I work in sports retail and I’m also studying marketing and IT so I found it particularly interesting. Nike have pretty much been leading this trend of integrating social media with their products using Nike+ and they’ve done it really well. They’re definitely well ahead of their competitors in that respect. I’vd never actually used the fuelband myself, but I’ve heard alot of good feedback on them. They sound alot like the Fitbits or the Garmin Vivofit.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      It was interesting during the writing and research process to see how Nike has evolved and how it takes great care and utilises great social tools to help its marketing and advertisements. Additionally about the Nike FuelBand, you are spot on about the devices function. It is an activity monitoring application, that also tries to keep you active certain times of the day, which is enabled on your settings. Personally I love this device! also I would to thank you so much for reading my blog post, it was much appreciated!

  3. Hi Jan,

    Great Blog,

    It is interesting to see how a company such as Nike is attempting to utilize social technologies and what effect social technology has had on Nike.

    Great Blog once again and I look forward to reading what you have to offer in your future blogs.


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